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FontLab Pad
Color Fonts Everywhere!
FontLab Pad
The color font typesetter. Free!
Black-and-white movies are wonderful — but fortunately, Hollywood has discovered color many years ago. Color fonts, however, are still in their infant days.

They come in several flavors and work natively only in a few apps.

With our free FontLab Pad app, all these fonts work everywhere — on all versions of Mac OS X and Windows! FontLab Pad is our typesetter helper for color fonts.
1. Open any color font (or in fact, any font) in FontLab Pad and type your text.
2. Choose the font size, apply additional formatting and preview the final result with FontLab Pad’s transparent background.
3. Copy your result, then paste into your favorite app, or export it as PDF, SVG or PNG.
RUNS ON Mac OS X 10.6—10.13 and Windows XP—10. Free to use on any number of devices belonging to one household or organization. OPENS Color OpenType (.otf/.ttf) in SVG, sbix, COLR/CPAL and CBDT/CBLC flavors, Photofont (.phf) in PNG and SVG flavors, SVG fonts (.svg), monochrome OpenType, Type 1, web fonts, UFO, VFB. COPIES AND EXPORTS PDF, SVG, PNG.